Slack for executives

Slack helps executives stay connected across all levels and locations. Get a bird’s-eye view of your company to make informed decisions and support your team.

Why use Slack as an executive?

  • Get the info needed to provide feedback and make decisions.
  • Keep everyone aligned, from internal to external stakeholders.
  • Tailor Slack to focus on what’s most important.
  • Connect with employees from across the company.


Keep everyone aligned

Consolidate information typically split between different systems – emails, memos, newsletters – in one searchable place by creating executive channels for company-wide messaging.

Try adding an #announcements channel to use as your single source of key company news, policies and metrics. We've collected a few ideas for getting the most out of this channel.

Pin important info

Pin items to the channel that are relevant to the whole workspace so that they’re easily accessible. Make it clear that commentary should take place in other channels.


Integrate your tools

Connect the channel to your preferred analytics tool and display KPIs in real time. Explore our App Directory or work with a developer to create a custom integration for your database. 


Post regular updates

Get department heads to regularly post updates so that everyone can track what’s happening and come up with ways to combine efforts.


Cheer everyone on

Don't forget to use this channel to inspire your team and celebrate big wins! 🎉 


Tip: As an executive, using Slack to communicate signals to employees that they should use it too. 


Provide feedback and make decisions

Create a private channel called something like #read-me-ceo, and ask members to post items that are ready for your feedback and approval.

Ask that members share files or use posts so that your comments are threaded and easily tracked. Set expectations for response time in the channel topic (e.g. ‘Reviewed on Mondays by 14:00’) and propose a template so that members give you the full context every time.Slack_for_executives_2.png


Streamline teamwork

Working in Slack creates a searchable archive of past discussions – like your team’s collective brain. This makes it easy to bring new stakeholders into a conversation and get them caught up in no time.

Centralise your contact with external collaborators (e.g. consultants, board members and vendors) by adding them to your workspace as multi-channel or single-channel guests.

Discuss information like budgeting and hiring in private channels. You can share your final decisions with the company in a public forum, such as your #announcements channel.


Tailor Slack for focus

As an executive, we know that you’re short on time. Unlike a crowded inbox, you can organise Slack to help you focus on what's top of mind.

💡  View tips for reducing noise in Slack.


Connect with employees

Create a channel like #ceo-ama (AMA stands for ‘ask me anything’) for the executive team to field questions from members. This helps employees get to know you better and understand what’s important to you.



Engage with employees by adding emoji reactions to their messages and updates. A quick thumbs up in response to a project milestone or personal celebration is a fun and easy way to stay connected. 👍

Be sure to join any social channels for hobbies or subjects that interest you! Slack offers plenty of ways to connect with members and build relationships across departments and roles.