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Empower secure, external collaboration with Slack Connect

Help your team to work with external organisations in Slack, while keeping your company’s data and information secure

Keep up with the pace of digital transformation by giving employees a secure, more productive way to work with external customers, vendors and partners.

Slack Connect is a secure communications environment that extends the benefits of Slack to everyone that you work with, both inside and outside your organisation.

All of Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards apply to Slack Connect. Plus, we’ve built in additional features that help you have confidence that your data stays safe when working with external organisations.


Why it matters

The shift to hybrid is accelerating digital transformation



of CIOs rated digital transformation as their top priority for 2021


More customer interactions are turning digital



of buyers and sellers say that they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions


Technology sprawl is growing



experimentation in new workplace technologies


Cyberthreats have been spiking as bad actors take advantage
of the pandemic



of data breaches are caused by phishing emails


91K+ organisations trust Slack Connect


‘Before Slack, communication was a battleground. We were very email-based and also used messaging tools like WhatsApp and even Facebook groups. This choose-your-own-adventure approach to communication created huge security risks’.

Ty SbanoChief information security and trust officerSisense


With Slack Connect, you can…


Confidently work with trusted partners


Increase visibility and set granular controls


Adhere to data and compliance policies


Confidently work with trusted partners

Establish unrivalled, secure access to verified partner organisations

Slack verifies the authenticity of an organisation by checking that it’s a paid customer of Slack, as well as a verifiable public business presence.

What your employees seeverify-senders-identity-1

Both users and admins will be able to see if an organisation is verified before they accept or approve an invite.


Avoid spam and unwanted messages

Users always remain in control over who can message them in Slack.

What your employees see

Users must accept requests before messaging begins in Slack and can stop unwanted email invitations at any time.



Clearly identify external connections

Channel-member avatars and handy visual indicators let your employees know what audience they’re speaking to before hitting send.

  What your employees seeknow-who


Increase visibility and set granular controls


Get insight into how your team is collaborating
with external organisations

A centralised dashboard allows you to see who employees are connected to, who initiated the connection and who approved each one.

What you controlinsight-on-team



Monitor and log important events

With Slack’s audit logs API, you can monitor important actions in channels, helping you to:

  •  Safeguard against any inappropriate system access
  •  Monitor suspicious behaviour
  •  Maintain compliance

What you control


Block file uploads to prevent data leakage

Further safeguard your company data by blocking users’ ability to upload files in channels and direct messages.

What your employees seeblock-file-uploads


Manage and control access to Slack Connect

Choose who can send, accept, approve and manage Slack Connect.

What your employees seemanage-slack-connect


Enterprise Key Management customers have additional control and visibility over data

Messages and files sent by your organisation will be encrypted using your own keys. Revoke access to information when necessary.

What you control enterprise-key-management


Adhere to data and compliance policies


Prevent information leaks with DLP support

Scan content in Slack messages and files that violate predefined policies using leading cloud access security broker (CASB) and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions.

What you controlnightfall-bot


Comply with internal data policies with custom retention

Your custom retention settings apply to content sent by members of your organisation.

What your employees see custom-retention-settings


Automatically capture and archive critical data with e-discovery support

Pull messages and files from Slack and store the information in third-party data warehouses for archiving, discovery and compliance.

What you control


         Omna’s e-discovery solution, one of Slack’s partner solutions.


Go to to learn more.


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  2. Source: Third-party e-discovery solution required (supported by Slack’s Discovery API)

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