February New People promotion

Select Slack Pro workspaces may be eligible for a discount on March, April and May 2023 billing statements based on how many new members join the workspace in February 2023.

Tip: Learn how to invite new members to join your workspace.

Terms and Conditions

Only a subset of Pro teams that are billed monthly are eligible for this promotion. Eligible teams will receive an invitation directly via email and/or in their Slack instance. This offer is valid for 1–28 February 2023 (the ‘Offer Period’). To redeem this offer, you must add new full users (‘New Users’) during the Offer Period. Qualifying workspaces will then automatically receive a discount on their March, April and May 2023 billing statements (the ‘Discount Period’). The discount is based on how many New Users join the workspace throughout the Offer Period and how many active full users (‘Active User Count’) remain in the workspace throughout the Discount Period relative to the workspace’s Active User Count prior to the Offer Period.

By redeeming this offer, you agree that these offer terms form part of and modify Slack’s customer terms of service (or the terms of your written agreement regarding your use of Slack’s services) (your ‘Agreement’) entered into between you and the Slack entity identified in the Agreement and that, after the Discount Period, Slack’s then-current standard pricing set forth on Slack’s pricing page will apply to the remainder of your subscription and to any subscription renewals. Please see the terms of your Agreement for information on how to cancel or downgrade your paid subscription before any such renewal.

To qualify, New Users must be invited and join the eligible workspace during the Offer Period. This offer does not apply to reactivated users or guests added during the Offer Period. It does not apply to users who are invited during the Offer Period but sign in later, or who were previously invited and sign in for the first time during the Offer Period. Slack will measure the number of New Users as of 21:00 PST on 28th February 2023.

Slack will measure your Active User Count several days before the start of the Offer Period. If, during the Discount Period, your Active User Count gets smaller or returns to its original size, the discount will no longer apply. If you qualify for the discount during the Offer Period and lose it because your Active User Count has dropped, you can re-qualify for the discount by adding additional new members during the Discount Period.



How does the discount work?
Eligible Slack Pro workspaces will receive a unique discount offer based on how many new members join the workspace during the 1–28 February 2023 offer period. The discount will be applied to all full members on March, April and May 2023 billing statements.

Is this promotion available to all workspaces? 
It’s only available to select Slack workspaces on the Pro subscription, paying monthly.


If I’m eligible, how can I view my discount offer?

Select People & user groups at the top of your sidebar (if you don’t see this option, click  More  to find it). The promotional banner will include your offer and will track how many new members have successfully joined your workspace.


How and when will the discount be applied to my account?

At the end of the offer period, we’ll count how many new members joined your workspace. We’ll then apply the discount to your March invoice based on the number of new users, and to your April and May invoices as long as your active user count remains higher than it was on the first day of the offer period.


Do members have to be newly invited?
Yes, they must be newly invited to your workspace and will need to sign in to Slack during the offer period.

I’ve invited people to join my workspace, so why can’t I see any confirmation that I’ll receive the discount?

Anyone that you invite must sign in to your workspace during the offer period for you to receive the discount on your next billing cycles. To check whether someone that you’ve invited has signed in, visit People & user groups at the top of your sidebar (if you don’t see this option, click  More  to find it).


Will this discount apply to guest accounts?
No, the discount will only apply to full members of your workspace.


What happens if my team gets smaller during the March–May discount period?

If your active member count gets smaller or returns to the amount that it was on 1st February, the discount will no longer apply. You can re-qualify for the discount by adding additional new members during the discount period, but there is no extension for the discount beyond the month of May.

My billing statement indicates that my discount has been removed in April or May. Why am I no longer receiving the discounted price?
If your member count returns to the 1st February amount during the discount period, your workspace will no longer qualify for the promotion.

Can I use this discount and upgrade to Business+ or convert to an annual subscription?
No, this discount is not available for our other subscriptions – just for workspaces on the Pro subscription, paying monthly.

Can multiple discounts be applied to my monthly billing statement?
Not at this time. If your workspace is eligible for more than one discount, we’ll calculate which one will save you the most money and automatically apply it to your account.

My team can’t add any additional members to my workspace – can I turn off the promotion?
If you can’t take advantage of this promotion, don’t worry – you won’t see it any more after 28th February 2023.