Canvases: A new way to curate, collaborate and share (pilot)

Without having to leave your workspace, create or edit a canvas using the Slack features that you already know: collaborate and format content intuitively, mention teammates directly and share in channels!

Note: We’re piloting canvases with a small number of customers. Sit tight! We’ll share an update when the feature is available to everyone.


What is a canvas?

  • Formerly known as spaces, canvases are a tool to help teams organise, curate, collaborate and share information – completely connected to your Slack workspace.
  • Create a canvas for anything that you’re working on – meeting notes, project briefs or checklists – then share it in the appropriate Slack channel. You can even have private canvases for select eyes only.

Animation of a user creating a space with checklists and images

How to work with canvases

  • Get started: Click on Canvases in your sidebar to view, manage and create canvases.
  • Access permissions: Choose whether people have permission to view or edit when sharing a canvas.
  • Notifications: If someone mentions you in a canvas that’s shared with you, you'll see a badge next to  Canvases in your sidebar.
  • Customise emoji: Custom emoji appear in the emoji picker when working in a canvas.
  • Autocomplete for channels and members: Type # to mention a channel name or @ to mention people. You can click on a channel name to jump directly to it, or click on a coworker’s @username to open their profile alongside the canvas.
  • In-line objects: Add link previews, images or files directly to your canvas. Need to move something? Simply drag and drop it where you need it to go.
  • Mobile editing: View and edit existing canvases right from your mobile device.

Create and manage canvases

There are two ways to create a canvas:

  • Select  Canvases in your left sidebar, then click on New canvas in the top right corner.
  • Click the  plus icon in the message field, then search for Create a canvas.

To manage existing canvases:

  1. Click  Canvases in your left sidebar. By default, you’ll see a list of your Recently viewed canvases.
  2. Click the Sort header to sort canvases by Last updated or Recently Viewed, or click Filter to view canvases Created by you, Shared with you or All.
  3. Select the canvas that you’d like to edit. To work in full screen, click the Open in new window icon.

Tip: You can search for canvases that you have access to in the search field, like other messages and files in Slack.

Delete a canvas

  1. Open the canvas that you want to delete.
  2. Click the  three dots icon, then Delete canvas.

Note: You can only delete canvases that you’ve created.


Share your canvas

Share as a message

  1. Open the canvas that you want to share, then click on the  share icon.
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select where you'd like to share the message, either via DM or in a channel.
  3. Choose Viewer or Editor permissions for the people that you're sharing it with and add a note if you like.
  4. Click on Share to send the canvas as a message.


Copy a link to a canvas

  1. Open the canvas that you want to share, then click on the  three dots icon.
  2. Click on Copy link to canvas, then paste into a conversation.


Share across your organisation

If you like, you can manage canvas access for your entire organisation, rather than on an individual or per-channel basis

  1. Open the canvas that you want to share, then click on the  share icon.
  2. Click the Sharing tab.
  3. Choose Restricted, Allow viewing or Allow editing permissions.
  4. If you like, use the dropdown menu to also share the canvas to specific people, either via DM or in a channel.
  5. Click on Share.


Un-share a canvas

  1. Open the canvas that you want to un-share, then click on the  share icon.
  2. From the list, locate the user or channel that you'd like to un-share from, then click on the  revoke icon.


Add comments to a canvas

Comments in a canvas work just like message threads in Slack. Anyone making or replying to comments will see them in their Threads view. If you mention people in a reply, they will be notified

  1. Select the text that you'd like to reply to, then click the  comment icon.
  2. Type your reply, then send your message.



When will posts be retired?

Canvases will eventually replace posts in Slack, but we don’t plan to do that until canvases are completely ready for the spotlight. Feel free to continue using posts, and we’ll provide lots of notice when we have firm plans to launch canvases to all of our customers.

What will happen to Slack posts in my workspace?

When posts are retired, existing posts will be migrated to canvases. All of your content will be saved!

How can I provide feedback on canvases during the pilot?

Any and all feedback is welcome through the #feedback-canvas-pilot Slack Connect channel in your workspace. Use the workflow to submit feedback directly to our product team for consideration as they tinker with and refine this feature.

How long will the canvases pilot last?

We’ll run the pilot for several months until we’re ready to launch to all of our customers. 

When will new features be added?

Throughout the pilot period, we plan to increase editing functionality, build new features and iterate designs based on feedback from pilot customers. We’ll let you know when we have something new to try out! 

Who can see canvases?

Like files, any member of your workspace can see a canvas that is shared in a public channel. When you share a canvas to a private channel or DM, only members of the conversation will be able to see it. To see everyone that a canvas is shared with, click on the  share icon on an open canvas.

How do mentions and comments work in canvases?

You can use mentions in the body of a canvas similar to how you use them in Slack messages (Hi, @emilie! Please look at this file before Tuesday.). Notifications for mentions can be found under Mentions & reactions in the sidebar. If you're mentioned in a canvas that’s been shared with you,  Canvases in the sidebar will be badged, and a ‘Notifications’ section will appear in the view itself. Click on the notification to open the canvas and see the mention.

Similarly, you can leave comments in a canvas. Comments behave like messages in threads. View comments left by teammates under Threads in the sidebar.

Can I edit a canvas on mobile?

Yes! Canvases can be viewed and edited on iOS and Android. It’s not currently possible to create or delete a canvas on mobile.

What will happen to my canvases at the end of the pilot?

If for some reason we don’t launch canvases to everyone, we’ll provide pilot customers with a way to export their data.