• Use huddles in Slack
    Tip: You can always choose to leave your camera off for an audio-only huddle. Start or join a huddle Start a new huddle When you start a huddle, anyone in the conversation will be able to join.
  • New: Coworking in huddles
    Click on the camera icon to turn on your video or click on the window icon to see a larger view of the huddle. Tip: Learn more about how to use huddles on your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Disable huddles in certain channels
    Workspace owners / admins and org owners / admins Available on paid subscriptions By default, any member of a workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation can start a huddle in any channel or direct message (DM). If they like, owners and admins can turn huddles off in certain channels.
  • Adjust your huddles and calls preferences
    Under Speaker, open the menu to select an option. Set your huddles or calls preferences Huddles Calls You can set the following preferences for huddles: Set your status to In a huddle when you’re in a huddle Always join huddles with your audio muted Automatically turn on captions when you’re in a huddle Show a warning if you’ll be starting a huddle in a channel with more than 150 members Automatically leave huddles when your computer locks Manage your huddles preferences From your desktop, click on your profile picture in the top right.
  • Security of Slack huddles and calls
    Information stored from Slack huddles and calls We store certain information about Slack huddles and calls to help us improve the experience and troubleshoot issues: Huddles Calls Stored huddle metadata includes where the huddle was started (in a channel or in a direct message), who started it and participated, when members joined or left, the topic (if one was added) and the time that it ended.
  • Set up a daily huddle in a channel
    Click the Templates tab, then select Set up in the daily huddles and check-ins tile. Follow the prompts to edit the template and then select a channel for the huddle reminder.
  • An update on Slack calls
    If you like, you can turn off Slack calls before 30th March to simplify tool management and encourage huddles usage in your organisation. Note: During the transition to huddles, support for troubleshooting calls issues will be limited.
  • Talk live with your teammates in Slack
    If you’d like to add specific people to the huddle, click the Add people icon to invite them. When you start a huddle in a DM, everyone in the conversation will receive an invitation.
  • Troubleshoot audio and video issues in Slack
    Bandwidth issues Bandwidth requirements Your experience with huddles and calls depends on the strength of your network connection and your bandwidth: Type of huddle or call Download speed Upload speed Voice huddle or call 200 kbps 100 kbps Video huddle or call* (2 participants) 600 kbps 600 kbps Video huddle or call* (3 participants) 1.2 Mbps 600 kbps Video huddle or call* (5+ participants) 2 Mbps 600 kbps *Requirements are the same when screen sharing Troubleshooting If your bandwidth meets or exceeds our requirements and you're experiencing issues with huddle or call quality, audio cutting in and out or lag, try one of these options: Run a speed test to double-check that your device's bandwidth meets our requirements.
  • Create information barriers in Slack
    By default, any member of an Enterprise Grid organisation can send direct messages (DMs), start huddles and call any other member in their organisation. To prevent specific members from sending DMs or calling each other, you can create information barriers between IDP groups.
  • Find and start conversations
    Start a conversation Start a conversation with the right people by sending a message or starting a huddle in a channel or a DM. Send a message Start a huddle Say that you have a question about a project.
  • Slack feature retirements
    Upcoming Slack feature retirements Slack calls Announcement date 20th September 2022 Retirement date 30th March 2023 Reason for retirement Huddles now offer all of the functionality available in a Slack call (and more).
  • System requirements for using Slack
    Web browser Browser Browser version Chrome Version 94 or above Firefox Version 92 or above Safari Version 15 or above Microsoft Edge Version 95 or above Note: Google Chrome and Firefox are the only browsers that support huddles. Learn more To learn about when we stop supporting certain versions and to see a list of versions that will soon be blocked, visit Slack support lifecycle for app versions, browsers and operating systems.
  • Use Slack Connect with free teams
    All files will be accessible in a Slack Connect channel, even if the storage limit is reached. Channel members can start and join huddles, record audio and video clips, add and use apps and use published workflows (but cannot create their own).
  • Accessibility in Slack
    Set your link display preference to underline links, making them easier to identify. Audio and video options Use huddles for hands-free, off-camera, informal discussions. You can even share what’s on your screen and turn on live captions.
  • Slack subscriptions and features
    Compare subscriptions and features Free Pro Business+ Productivity basics Relevant messages, channels and files in search results ✓ ✓ ✓ Message history Messages from the last 90 days Unlimited Unlimited Apps and integrations 10 Unlimited Unlimited File storage Files from the last 90 days 10 GB per member 20 GB per member Custom sidebar sections ✓ ✓ Workflow Builder customised workflows ✓ ✓ External collaboration Send direct messages to people outside your company ✓ ✓ ✓ Work in channels with people outside your company ✓ ✓ Multi-channel and single-channel guests ✓ ✓ Security Two-factor authentication (2FA) and mandatory 2FA ✓ ✓ ✓ Google Workspace SSO ✓ ✓ SAML-based SSO ✓ Compliance Custom message and file retention 90-day retention period only ✓ ✓ Exports for all channels and conversations ✓ Data residency ✓ Administration Set channel posting permissions #general channel only #general channel only Any channel User groups ✓ ✓ Manage member names and email addresses ✓ ✓ Use channel management tools ✓ Real-time Active Directory sync ✓ Member provisioning and de-provisioning ✓ Audio and video Record audio and video clips ✓ ✓ ✓ Voice and video calls One-to-one only Up to 15 participants Up to 15 participants Huddles One-to-one only ✓ ✓ Analytics Analytics Limited ✓ ✓ Message activity ✓ Support Support ✓ Priority support 24/7 support, 4-hour first-response time Uptime 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA Enterprise Grid The Enterprise Grid subscription powers the design, usage and administration of multiple connected Slack workspaces across very large companies, or those in regulated industries.
  • Voice, video and screen sharing apps
    When you need to connect by audio or video, or share your screen with your teammates, you have a few options in Slack. You can start a huddle, or visit our App Directory to install a third-party calling app of your choice.
  • Understand the data in your Slack analytics dashboard
    Org-level Enterprise Grid member metrics Total calls count Total number of Slack Calls and huddles made or joined, lasting at least five seconds with at least one other member Slack calls count Total number of Slack calls made or joined with at least one other member that lasted at least five seconds Slack huddles count Total number of huddles made or joined, lasting at least five seconds with at least one other member Active with Slack Connect Whether or not the member has read or posted a message to a channel or direct message shared with at least one external workspace Active with apps Whether or not the member has interacted with a Slack app or custom integration, or if such an app or integration has performed an action on the member’s behalf Active with workflows Whether or not the member has interacted with at least one workflow Search count Number of searches that a member has performed in Slack Workspaces Note: This data is only available from the org level analytics dashboard on the Enterprise Grid subscription.
  • Slack keyboard shortcuts
    Upload a file ⌘ U View all downloaded files ⌘ Shift J Create a new snippet ⌘ Shift Enter Add an emoji reaction to a message* ⌘ Shift ` ⌘ Shift # ⌘ Shift \ ⌘ Shift _ ⌘ Shift ¡ ⌘ Shift à ⌘ Shift 、 Open the directory ⌘ Shift E Start a search ⌘ G Search in the current conversation ⌘ F Toggle full-screen view Ctrl ⌘ F Toggle mute on a Slack call M Toggle video on a call V Invite people to a call + or A Use an emoji reaction on a call E and 1-9 Start, join, leave or end a huddle ⌘ Shift H Toggle mute on a huddle ⌘ Shift Space Open Help F1 Action Shortcut Compose a new message Ctrl N Unsend a message Ctrl Z Set your status Ctrl Shift Y Open your preferences** Ctrl , Show or hide the left sidebar Ctrl Shift D Show or hide the right sidebar Ctrl .
  • Making calls in Slack
    To have live audio or video conversations with your teammates, try huddles instead. Calls feature availability Feature Subscriptions Operating systems Voice calls Free subscription Available in 1:1 direct messages (DMs) Paid subscriptions Available in 1:1 DMs, Group DMs and channels Mac Windows Linux iOS Android Video calls Free subscription Available in 1:1 DMs Paid subscriptions Available in 1:1 DMs, group DMs and channels Mac Windows Linux iOS Android Share your screen Paid subscriptions Available in 1:1 DMs, group DMs and channels Mac Windows Linux Draw on your screen Paid subscriptions Available in 1:1 DMs, group DMs and channels Mac* Windows* *Drawing when screen sharing is only available on the Slack apps for Mac and Windows.
  • Share an update with an audio or video clip
    • If you want to discuss something live, consider starting a Huddle to chat. I’m excited to try this and see how it goes!
  • Slack updates and changes
    September 2022 Video, reactions and more now available in huddles A handful of new huddles features are here to help you and your team to collaborate in an entirely new space for co-working.
  • Configure your Slack notifications
    Adjust notification sound and appearance You can choose whether or not to display message previews in banner notifications and select the notification sound that alerts you to: New messages Huddles Sending a DM Receiving a DM while in the conversation Desktop iOS Android From your desktop, click on your profile picture in the top right.
  • Slack glossary
    Group direct message (Group DM) Group direct messages are smaller discussions, outside of channels, between you and up to eight other members. H Huddles A voice conversation in a Slack channel or direct message that can include video and screen sharing.