We’re here to help your team’s Covid-19 efforts

To the charities, researchers, communities and medical professionals tackling the world’s most important work right now: Thank you.

The way that we work has radically shifted. We’re helping to make sure that we can still work together.

We’re supporting all charities and other organisations carrying out critical relief efforts during this time with free access to a Slack paid subscription for three months.

How to get started

If you’re new to Slack

First, create a workspace. Then fill out the application form with your new workspace information.

If you’re already using Slack

You’re eligible to upgrade to a Standard or Plus subscription free of charge for three months. Fill out the application with your current workspace information.

If you need help with Slack

We’re offering 1:1 consultations to answer questions and share best practices for working remotely on our platform. Book one today.


We see you, we thank you and we’re here for you

Follow @SlackHQ on Twitter to see how we’re coming together to support the work being done in response to Covid-19.

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