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Work better together with apps in shared channels

If you’re working with agencies, vendors, or clients, shared channels can be a great way to collaborate together in Slack.

With multiple companies working together, you each have your own unique set of tools you need to get work done. Connecting your tools with Slack in shared channels will help keep your teams coordinated and make sure important projects are on track.

Apps like Zoom, Doodle, and more in shared channels take cross-company collaboration to the next level.

Join a Zoom meeting

Using Zoom in a shared channel allows you to jump on a call or run weekly check-ins by using the /zoom slash command. After the meeting, send a transcript to the shared channel and track follow-ups for both sides.

With Zoom in shared channels, you can:

  • Start or join a meeting
  • Share meeting recording links


Easily start a Zoom video meeting directly from Slack.

Find a meeting time that works for everyone

Instead of coordinating meeting times through back and forth emails, quickly find a time that works for everyone in a shared channel. Suggest meeting times and both sides can vote for times that work best for them.

With Doodle in shared channels, you can:

  • Suggest meeting times
  • Share a poll in channel
  • Vote and agree on a time

Doodle Bot

Find the best time to meet with your team inside and outside Slack in the easiest way possible.

Grant access to Google Drive files

Add context to a conversation by quickly sharing files in a channel or DM. Rather than emailing back and forth to request permission to a file, grant instant access in Slack, so both teams can start collaborating immediately.

With Google Drive, you can:

  • Share and grant instant access to files
  • Reply directly to comments using threads
  • Create and import new files

Google Drive

Quick access to your files from all your devices.

Automatically send calendar event reminders into shared channels

For organizations that collaborate together, Google Calendar for Team Events connects a Google calendar with a shared channel. Get reminders about events, upcoming meetings, or milestones so both sides can stay informed and up-to-date.

With Google Calendar for Team Events in shared channels, you can:

  • Post reminders before an event starts
  • Post summaries of the current day's and week's events
  • Post updates when an event is changed

Google Calendar for Team Events

A shared calendar for your team.

Send emails to a shared channel

Bring emails out of siloed inboxes and into a shared channel where everyone working on a project can get up to speed. With the Email app you can create a custom email address for your shared channel that you can use to send things like weekly reports into channel, or forward along relevant historical context and attachments related to the projects you’re working on.

With email in shared channels, you can:

  • Create a custom email address for a shared channel
  • Send any email to the email address and it will post into the shared channel
  • Use the custom email address for reports or other automated alerts you can have sent to an email address, send them into your shared channel instead


Send emails into Slack to discuss them with your teammates.

More apps to use in shared channels

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    Send emails into Slack to discuss them with your teammates.
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  • Box File Picker
    Securely store, share, and manage all your files
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  • Teamline
    🚩 The simple project management tool for Slack
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  • Slack for Outlook
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