Slack video tutorials

Watch these short videos to learn how to get the most out of Slack and discover useful tips for working with your team in channels.

We also offer a series of lessons to help you get comfortable and get to work in Slack. Head to Slack 101 to get started.


Your quick start guide to Slack

Take a quick tour of Slack — a channel-based messaging platform. To learn more about getting started in Slack, use our guide.


Conversations in Slack

Connect with your coworkers in Slack with real-time conversations in channels and direct messages. For more about how to find and start conversations, visit our tutorial.


Slack emoji reactions for getting work done

Find out how emoji reactions make getting work done a little more pleasant, and a little more fun. To learn more, read about using emoji reactions.


Your essential guide to Slack notifications

See how you'll be notified in Slack and how to adjust your notification preferences. For more details, read about Slack notifications.


Move your next project into a channel

See what work looks like when teams shift to Slack channels. To learn more about moving your next project to Slack, use our step-by-step guide.