Enterprise Grid admin controls

With Enterprise Grid, you can oversee your company's multiple interconnected Slack workspaces from the Admin Dashboard. In this guide, we’ll cover the ABCs of administering Slack on Enterprise Grid:

  • Which settings can be controlled from your organization’s Admin Dashboard
  • How to move channels and workspaces to your Enterprise Grid
  • When and how to use an multi-workspace channel


Admin Dashboard controls

The Admin Dashboard provides Org Owners and Admins with a central, single point of access to manage large, complex organizations as they evolve.

A full list of settings and preferences can be found in the Admin Dashboard, but here are a few basic adjustments you can make to get started:

🕹  Workspace settings

🔐  Access & security

👥  Member management

Moving channels

Because no two companies are alike, the design, structure, and size of your Enterprise Grid organization will be totally unique.

To build your organization, you’ll use these methods:

  • Create new workspaces
  • Move existing workspaces to your Enterprise Grid
  • Shuffle channels from one workspace to another

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work with you to move workspaces, but moving channels is something you can do on your own! Our Help Center has more details to guide you:

Tip: Keep conversations organized with clear channel naming guidelines. Visit Organize and name channels for more!

Multi-workspace channels

multi-workspace channel is a channel available to more than one workspace in your organization. Multi-workspace channels allow members to maintain focused workspaces, by providing a dedicated space for cross-functional work, knowledge exchange, or shared interests. 

Org Owners and Admins can decide which members can manage multi-workspace channels. Members with this permission can create multi-workspace channels, add channels to other workspaces, and modify who can post in them.

Learn more about managing multi-workspace channels in our Help Center:

Questions about launching Enterprise Grid? Get in touch with us anytime at success@slack.com — we’d be happy to help!