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Introducing your partners to Slack Connect

Simple tips and templates to help you onboard your partners to working with you in channels.

Slack Connect is a faster way to work with people from outside your company. With Slack Connect you’re able to save time by bringing everyone you work with into one place—no more switching between different tools.

We’ve put together some tips to get you started with Slack Connect, plus a customizable email template you can send to your partners, customers or vendors to help get them started with Slack Connect.

How to invite your partners

Available with any paid Slack plan, Slack Connect lets you communicate with partners from other organizations who use Slack.

Partners not yet on a paid Slack plan? No worries!
Some of your partners, customers, or vendors might be using the free version of Slack, or might not be using Slack at all. Not a problem, you can:

  • Invite partners to collaborate together in a Slack channel and if they’re eligible, they’ll get a 90-day free trial of Slack’s Pro plan. Learn more. 
  • If you just need to work with one other person, invite your partner to a direct message. You’ll be able to start messaging in Slack as your partner accepts. Learn more.

It only takes a few clicks to start working closely with vendors, customers, and more.


A copy-and-paste template to invite external partners to collaborate together on Slack

How to use the below template to invite external partners:

  1. Copy the template below and paste it into a new email message (or however you’re working with your partners today).
  2. Customize the [placeholder text].
  3. Add any additional context you’d like to help your team understand how and why you’re using Slack Connect.
  4. Remove content that isn’t relevant for your team.
  5. Send the message to your partner and ask them to post any questions or comments in Slack!


Email template

Tips on working smoothly with your partner

  • Think about how many channels you’ll need to share with your partner. If you’re working on more than one project together, you’ll likely need more than one channel. You can have as many channels as you need! Just as you wouldn’t put all your emails in one chain, you don’t need to put all your messaging into one Slack Connect channel.
  • Set expectations with your partners in channel. Create guidelines for working together in Slack Connect and share a post in the channel. This will help to align all team members involved.

Here’s a template for the first message you post in a channel shared with your partner

As with all things, the more you learn, the more questions you may have. When in need, check out or our blog to keep learning about new ways companies are using Slack Connect to grow relationships and achieve goals, together.

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