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Supercharge your customer support tools with Slack

7 apps—including Salesforce, Oracle and Zendesk—to help your team resolve customer issues faster

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Exceptional customer support is no longer a nice-to-have for any business; it’s table stakes. In fact, a recent report from Zendesk found that 50% of consumers will switch to a competitor after a single bad support experience. More than one, and that number rises to 80%.

Most support teams rely on ticketing software to ensure swift communication with customers. But when resolving a ticket requires coordination across internal teams and tools, the customer’s experience is almost always worse—and that’s why support teams at leading companies like Oscar Health and Accent Group Limited are turning to Slack.

Many widely used customer support tools integrate with Slack. By doing so, each bridges the gap between agents and the rest of the company, which relies on channels to get work done. For example, an agent can troubleshoot with an internal expert in real time, and neither needs to toggle between tabs or apps. Each of the following integrations accelerate these kinds of connections, increasing the value of your existing software and driving faster, more accurate answers for customers.

Salesforce and Oracle: Extend the reach of key service platforms


Enterprise companies typically rely on large platforms like Salesforce Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud to handle their entire customer lifecycle, from initial interest and deal closings to account management and eventually support. Both platforms offer apps for Slack so that your customer teams can share key details and data with any other cross-functional partners, even those whose roles don’t require a Salesforce or Oracle account.


This means your sales teams and customer support teams can connect with the people and information they need in whichever app they feel most comfortable working. Agents can seek out help in a dedicated Slack channel, records automatically update in Salesforce or Oracle as the case evolves, and all relevant parties see the same conversations and context.

Zendesk and Freshdesk: Share tickets across your enterprise

A Zendesk side conversation in Slack

Many companies lean on Zendesk to handle incoming requests and publish help documentation. The bulk of agents’ work, including correspondence with customers, takes place in Zendesk’s own web-based tools. But what about getting outside help from a product or marketing team? That requires swiveling between Zendesk and another tool, like email or a voice calling app, unless your organization uses Slack.

In fact, Zendesk’s side conversations feature supports this very thing. Agents can raise questions in a Zendesk ticket and share the ticket in Slack, where they can get help from another team. The conversation that follows appears in both a Slack thread and the ticket’s history inside Zendesk.

Freshdesk is another platform for customer service teams that lets agents collaborate on tickets in Slack without having to switch tools. With the Slack integration, agents can send tickets to any Slack channel, collaborate with internal partners in threaded conversations, and have those Slack messages automatically added to the corresponding Freshdesk ticket, without either party having to change their tool of choice.

Guru: A single place for companywide knowledge

As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. And what better way to pool companywide insights than a single source of truth for your company’s knowledge base?

That’s where Guru shines, as a place for customer support teams to share common answer templates and solutions to persistent issues. And with the Guru app for Slack, anyone can turn a Slack message into a new Guru card. Let’s say an agent receives a tricky technical ticket and forwards it to a Slack channel where an engineer can help troubleshoot. The engineer can relay a reply to the agent’s ticketing tool and also log it in Guru for other agents to reference and reuse in the future.

Intercom and LiveAgent: Keep a real-time connection with customers

Intercom app in Slack

Slack excels at real-time collaboration, and thanks to the Intercom app for Slack, your agents can receive customer inquiries, troubleshoot with teammates, and respond directly to customers inside Slack. Making it all possible: channels that interface in real time with Intercom’s website chat tools. Chatting with someone who isn’t a customer yet? The Intercom app also lets you convert them to a sales lead right from Slack.

For teams using LiveAgent for real-time customer chat, the Slack integration lets every new or changed ticket report its status in Slack. Those outside the support team can easily follow along, such as an account manager who wants to be sure a key account gets their questions answered quickly.

Slack: Bring your whole business closer to your customer

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of any business, and combining best-in-breed support tools with Slack will bring them closer to your entire organization. For customers, that means faster, more accurate answers and, in turn, a more positive experience. For agents, it means a direct line to the internal experts they rely on most; for operations teams, more value from your existing tools.

To learn more about how Slack can help your team, visit our support solutions page or check out even more customer support apps for Slack.

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