Pause paid marketing campaigns

What’s it handy for?

When your marketing team is running dozens of ad campaigns, it can be difficult to keep tabs on them all. That’s where services that monitor them come in handy.

Pause campaigns to:

  • Getting alerts about underperforming campaigns to the right people instantly
  • Being able to act on them inside of Slack, without having to track down logins or shared accounts to pause them.

Before you get started

To help automate your PPC and paid search campaigns, configure your accounts at AskAdStage or Reveal and install their apps into relevant Slack channels.

How to pause underperforming paid marketing campaigns

  1. Select a relevant channel to send alerts from AskAdStage or Reveal.
  2. Set your criteria for when a notification is sent.
  3. Hit the “pause campaign” button when you receive alerts our underperforming ads.
    Ask AdStage Paid Marketing Campaigns

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