Computer icon showing Slack interface with app integrations representing a digital HQ

Slack as your digital HQ

Learn how Slack gives you the flexibility to be productive from anywhere


Kit di strumenti digital-first

Le organizzazioni leader condividono i loro suggerimenti per promuovere la collaborazione all’interno dell’ambiente di lavoro, a prescindere dal luogo o dal momento in cui si svolge il lavoro

Teammates talk through a problem aloud

Solve problems aloud with Slack Huddles

Six ways to re-create quick, informal office discussions in a work-from-anywhere world

Clocks in different time zones, representing async work

Ease into asynchronous work with Slack

How to eliminate off-the-clock distractions and carve out focus time—for you and your teammates

Coffee mug full of identical pencils becomes full of a variety of colorful office supplies

Foster a more inclusive digital workplace with Slack

Tips to help employees feel at home, wherever they’re working

Globe gets covered in pins and flags, representing a connected workforce

Create a more connected workplace with Slack

Tips to build relationships and trust with coworkers and external partners alike

Dull calendar becomes colorful, representing a flexible schedule

Support a more flexible work schedule with Slack

Set boundaries, stay focused, and replace meetings with asynchronous alternatives