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How to keep your marketing teams aligned with Slack and Smartsheet

Learn how Slack and Smartsheet enable marketers to reach their customers faster by driving alignment on campaign strategy and deliverables

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Now more than ever marketing teams are grappling with changing business priorities and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Reaching customers at the speed they move has become table stakes. However campaign planning and execution is often complex, involving a plethora of teams, decisions, and deliverables. Ideas can get stuck in inboxes, action items are lost in meetings, and miscommunication can slow everything down – forget agility.

With a digital HQ for marketing and modern project management tools, marketers can break down communication silos and embrace an agile way of working that allows them to move work forward with ease. Join Brian Bosche, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Smartsheet, and Bhavik Joshi, Director, Growth Marketing Tech at Uber, as they discuss how Slack and Smartsheet enables marketers and their partners to cut down on planning and lifecycle development time and streamline collaboration on marketing activities.

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SlackSenior Solutions Marketing ManagerYousaf Sajid
SmartsheetPrincipal Product Marketing ManagerBrian Bosche
UberDirector, Growth Marketing TechBhavik Joshi