Achieving hybrid-work success with team collaboration

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Hybrid-work means that employees are spread across home and office, working with an ever-increasing array of applications and information, engaging both internally and with partners and customers externally. Team collaboration platforms, by virtue of their ability to integrate applications, data, and workflows and extend across company boundaries offer the opportunity for IT decision makers to achieve measurable cost savings, revenue increases, and productivity improvements. Successful implementations require user empowerment while addressing governance and security needs.

In this webinar we’ll share insights into how team collaboration platforms are rapidly evolving beyond messaging into a hub for work, and what business and IT leaders must do to achieve maximum quantifiable benefits from their digital engagement initiatives.

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SlackVP Future ForumBrian Elliott
Procore TechnologiesVice President of Global Partnerships & AlliancesKris Lengieza
MetrigyPresident & Principal AnalystIrwin Lazar