Building secure, scalable apps for Enterprise Grid

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The larger the customer, the more they care if your app can be managed efficiently at scale — especially if they’re managing hundreds or thousands of workspaces. With the release of org-wide app deployment, it’s now possible for your app to be installed across multiple workspaces at once, helping Enterprise Grid admins distribute apps more efficiently and making it possible for your app to grow in lockstep with Slack’s largest customers.

In this session, we’ll walk you through how org-wide app deployment works and why you should build with the needs of Slack’s enterprise customers in mind. Then, we’ll guide you through a demo on how to upgrade your app to support this feature using Bolt, a framework that simplifies app development by wrapping Slack platform features behind a simple interface.

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SlackSr. Developer Relations AdvocateJim Ray
SlackSr. Open-Source EngineerSteve Gill