5 Steps to seamless collaboration throughout the employee lifecycle

How to boost employee engagement by making every touchpoint count

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Technology makes it easier than ever to engage talent across the entire lifecycle. So why are only 16% of people fully engaged — versus a whopping 84% who are “just coming to work?” Learn how the talent leaders at Medallia and Shopify use Slack and Lever to improve the employee experience, from hiring to departure, through seamless collaboration in this on-demand webinar! Interviews are an important opportunity to make a good impression, but it’s your approach to every touchpoint that counts. See how to make every moment shine — watch today.

주요 발표자:

LeverTech RecruiterChez Jennings
MedalliaPeople OperationsMichelle Linh
MedalliaGlobal People Operations atChiara Moore
ShopifyEmployee Experience SpecialistKaitlin Norris

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