Transform cross-functional collaboration with Slack + Atlassian

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  • Business decision makers
  • Technology professionals

Building fast, growing exponentially: all good things for your organization, but it’s easy to fall out of sync in the process. A powerful toolkit helps different teams come together to get the job done. Learn how Slack and Atlassian transform how cross-functional teams collaborate, helping your business stay agile, break down silos and build better products, faster. From managing complex projects to solving customer issues, we’ll show how other organizations put Atlassian apps to work in Slack. Plus, get actionable tips and methods to take home to your company.

주요 발표자:

SoFiSystems EngineerJay Martinsen
SlackSr. Product Marketing ManagerMelissa Greco
SlackGroup Manager, Solutions MarketingJustin Huskamp
AtlassianSenior Product Marketing ManagerPhilipp Suchan
AtlassianProduct IntegrationsTrevor Thompson

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