What is Slack?

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Slack brings together people, conversations, data, and your favorite apps all in one virtual place. It’s a collaboration platform designed to get you out of email and meetings so you can do your best work, stay connected to the people who matter most, and give you back time to do the things you love.

Whether you’re a company of 100,000 employees or a Scoutmaster trying to manage your Girl Scout troop or even a parent trying to plan a family reunion, Slack can bring your scattered, disconnected digital life into one seamless, connected space.

This webinar will teach you how Slack can help you to stay productive and connected in the ever-evolving workplace but also show how Slack can help you manage all of those things in your life outside of work, too.

Slack, it turns out, is for everyone.

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SlackCollaboration SMEMasha Reutovski

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