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Minimize incidents and downtime

Learn how to troubleshoot and respond to incidents painlessly with Slack

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Far too many teams still rely on ineffective war rooms to solve even the thorniest technical issues. Noisy, tedious phone bridges. Constant interruptions. Briefing new responders over and over. Each of these pain points makes incident response slower, more difficult and more erratic.

Slack is transforming how engineering and operations teams are managing crises. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and respond to incidents painlessly through Slack channels, where the right people can quickly gather context, determine severity, escalate and remediate—reducing back-and-forth and creating a single, timestamped source of truth for all conversations, actions and decisions.

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SlackStaff EngineerBrent Chapman
DraftKings, Inc.Director, Global IT OperationsGloria D’Itri
PagerDutyProduct ManagerMya King

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