Remember to follow up on sales and marketing leads

What’s it handy for?

Stay on top of contacts and leads and never let a deal get away by adding new HubSpot tasks directly in Slack. Create tasks from any message in Slack, without needing to change context or switch apps.

Use the Hubspot app in Slack to:

  • Turn messages into tasks
  • Associate tasks with existing contacts, companies, or deals
  • Receive HubSpot notifications in Slack

How to create a HubSpot task in Slack:

  1. Install the HubSpot app for Slack

  2. Use the Actions menu to add a message as a task in HubSpot
    Hovering over the message menu and picking "Create Hubspot Task" from the menu
  3. Use the “Add Association” button to connect the task with clients, teammates, companies, or deals in HubspotHubspot task created from Slack
  4. Get notified whenever you’re mentioned in any HubSpot tasks or activities
    Receiving Hubspot alert in Slack

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