App logos representing Slack, Jira, Trello, Halp & Confluence

The power of Slack and Atlassian

Learn how apps like Jira, Trello, Halp, Confluence and more connect to Slack to make work smooth and seamless

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How Atlassian and Slack drive value for technical teams

A survey of IT leaders and practitioners reveals how deep integrations between the software tools can unlock collaboration and productivity

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7 steps to more effective teamwork with Atlassian and Slack

Learn the secrets from top users of Slack and Atlassian on how they streamline notifications, reduce context-switching, and automate workflows

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How Delivery Hero powers productivity and collaboration with Slack + Atlassian

In this session, we’ll share the results of our survey and best practices for integrating Slack and Atlassian

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Slack & Atlassian logos on boxes with clipboards

Transform cross-functional collaboration with Slack + Atlassian

Learn how Slack can enable your teams to navigate challenges unique to the tech industry

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Ship quality code faster with Slack

How to deliver higher quality products and services faster than your competition by working in Slack

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Improve service reliability with Slack

How to use Slack to discover incidents in record time, solve issues faster and capture incident data in one place

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The value of Slack for software developers

See how Slack improves code deployment, service reliability and developer productivity to help you understand your investment

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The modern incident response, the Slack way

Strategies to help IT teams use Slack channels to triage issues faster and deliver better customer support

A laptop showing the Slack desktop app

How it works: Slack for software development

Quick videos showcasing how engineering teams use Slack to ship code faster and improve service reliability