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Slack is where work happens

Slack unifies your entire team's communications, making your workflow, well, flow a lot better. All the apps you need are seamlessly integrated into our platform, and you can easily search and find all your files, calls, messages, and colleagues in one place.

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A place for every conversation

Slack brings your team and their conversations together in one place. Discussions are organized into channels, so there’s a place for every project, team or department. Create a channel for service alerts, one for onboarding, or one for planning the next offsite. And when you need to stop typing and start talking you can hop on a voice or video call, all available right from Slack.

Bring your favorite apps

Slack integrates with the apps and services you already use every day. Pipe in performance data, support tickets, budget approvals, code reviews, sales leads, bug reports, press mentions… it all flows into the stream of conversation so everyone can see it — or act on it — inside Slack.

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Find answers quickly

All messages in public channels, files, uploads and incoming information become indexed and searchable once inside Slack, giving your team access to the collective knowledge of the company. And the more you work in Slack, the smarter Slack’s search becomes, making it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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“Someone new that joins the company tomorrow has access to all of the conversations we’ve had since we’ve been using Slack because it’s sitting there in a channel.”

Brent Chudoba, CRO of SurveyMonkey

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