Digital HQ for Service Teams

Grow true customer loyalty and bring service teams together in Slack to deliver fast, accurate and personalized customer experiences.

Transform customer experiences

Delight customers and partners while turning insights into business impacts

Enjoy closer relationships with customers and partners by delivering more direct paths for support and feedback.

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Transform your customer experience with Slack for support teams

Learn how Slack acts as a support team for your support team by uniting your company’s experts at a single point of access

Partners from separate organizations and working locations shake hands after a sales deal is closed

Drive growth and customer loyalty with Slack Connect

Move communication out of inboxes to help your company close deals faster, retain customers and deliver best-in-class support

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Insights from CX leaders on improving customer care with Slack

Learn how customer support teams can provide exceptional customer care by connecting their organization through Slack

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Slack for service partners

Provide best-in-class experiences for your clients, customers and agents

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Five steps to transform CX

Learn five ways that Slack optimizes the agent experience, helps resolve issues faster and transforms CX

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Slack Connect: Build loyalty with every support experience

Deliver better support to your customers and triage issues faster with Slack Connect

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Great Customer Experience: The first time and every time

Learn how to get other teams and departments to embrace customer experience

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IDC: How Slack adds value for every department in your organization

In this study, IDC measures the value of Slack across Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer Support and Engineering.

Resolve issues faster

Instantly collaborate with experts and enjoy a centralized knowledge base

Drive fast and accurate resolutions by immediately surfacing answers and bringing the right people together in Slack.


Salesforce’s support team resolves cases 26% faster with Slack

The enterprise company relies on channels and workflows for swarming cases, resolving customer issues faster than ever

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Slack + Salesforce Service Cloud: When work flows, satisfaction grows

Slack and Salesforce Service Cloud 360 empower your team to drive true brand loyalty across every customer touchpoint

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Supercharge collaborative service with swarming

Learn how case swarming unites teams, promotes swift sharing of crucial information and enables more optimized customer service for all

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From service provider to strategic partner

How to differentiate your BPO with Slack

Optimize agent experiences

Provide agents with a launchpad for success from day one

With dedicated onboarding channels and real-time coaching opportunities in Slack, agents can quickly onboard and foster connection from anywhere.

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Empowered agents: the new customer service advantage

Hear how leading organizations keep agent engagement high and attrition low with Slack as their digital HQ

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Supercharge your support agents with Slack

Boost the usability of your existing tech stack while uniting your whole company around the customer experience

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Making service teams more successful

Learn how your organization can optimize your agents’ experience by creating unique learning paths that keep agents engaged and motivated

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How it works: Slack for customer service

Quick videos showcasing how customer service teams use Slack to smoothly resolve issues and grow customer loyalty