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Reimagine your service operations with Slack Connect

Deliver faster and more personalized support to top-tier customers in Slack channels

Delight your customers with unrivaled support

Provide more attentive, personalized service at scale. By working in Slack Connect channels with customers and partners, you can extend all the same benefits of Slack’s enterprise-level security, integrations and workflows to people outside your organization.

[stat_row stat_1="15.7% | Improvement in Customer Effort Score*" stat_2="3x | Faster ticket resolution*" stat_3="64% | Decrease in backlog of support tickets*"/]

A channel that’s shared with a customer looks and feels like a channel you use with your internal team. People from up to 20 different companies can join, so everyone can stay aligned and drive results in one shared space.

With Slack Connect, you can turn support experiences into lasting relationships by creating a service partner ecosystem and delivering premium support to key customers.

1. Create a service partner ecosystem:

Connect agents with service providers and partners in a central place to view, discuss and take action on urgent issues impacting customers and clients.

[youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD4F61WF-mk" image="https://d34u8crftukxnk.cloudfront.net/slackpress/prod/sites/6/Screen-Shot-2021-12-17-at-4.18.39-PM.jpg?w=128&h=96&crop=1" alt="" /]


[quote quote="“If we’re organising a particularly large and complex order, our restaurant partners and our shared service providers can all be in the same Slack channel. Then if there’s an incident, we can immediately communicate with them as if they were physically in the same office as us.”" source="Will Sprunt" title="CIO" company="Deliveroo" cta_text="Read the story" cta_url="https://slack.com/customer-stories/deliveroo-food-delivery-data-driven-enterprise" image="" alt="" /]

2. Deliver premium support to key customers:

Build customer loyalty by connecting with key customers in a dedicated Slack Connect channel, creating an extension of your own team to offer a differentiated, premium service.

[youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9yvn4XUfaM" image="https://d34u8crftukxnk.cloudfront.net/slackpress/prod/sites/6/Screen-Shot-2021-12-16-at-3.36.38-PM.jpg?w=128&h=96&crop=1" alt="" /]


[quote quote="“We hear back from our customers that we’re like an extension of their team, and part of that feeling definitely comes from the fact that we use Slack.”" source="Kami Richey" title="Director of Customer Experience" company="Fastly" cta_text="Read the story" cta_url="https://slack.com/customer-stories/fastly-wow-enterprise-customers" image="" alt="" /] [ad id="65962" /]

Join the 100,000+ organizations working in Slack Connect:

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Get started

Speed up communication and work more securely with external partners, vendors and people outside your company.

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  • Learn more about the benefits of working with partners in channels.
  • To share a channel, you’ll need to be on a paid plan. For more info, check out our pricing and plans.
  • With Slack Connect, you can open the doors to your digital HQ for service to delight your customers with unrivaled support.

* Claims and figures based on specific teams using Slack Connect at their companies. Results may vary at your organization.

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