Build a self-service IT help desk

What’s it handy for?

Imagine being able to offer instant IT help to anyone in your organization around the clock. Using ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent, you’ll get a completely customizable Slack bot that can field questions, offer up articles, answers, and solutions that solve your users’ problems quickly and easily.

Use ServiceNow to build a IT help bot to:

  • Give users instant access to answers
  • Share relevant how-to and help articles
  • Answer frequent questions without using IT staff time

How to use ServiceNow to request IT help in Slack:

  1. Install Now Virtual Agent for Slack
    Installing ServiceNow virtual agent
  2. Use Virtual Agent scripts to match common words and phrases with internal help articles, tips, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

  3. Ask employees to talk to the Now Virtual Agent bot in Slack when they have any IT issues
    Virtual Agent responding to request
  4. With scripts backing up the bot, let users request help and get answers
    ServiceNow Virtual Agent responding to employee

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