Collect agenda items for a meeting

What’s it handy for?

Respect your coworkers’ time by collecting agenda items before a meeting to share with them in a document.

Collaborate on shared agendas to:

  • Make sure anyone attending the meeting can know the discussion topics in advance
  • Allow invitees to decide if they should attend based on what is covered
  • Get everyone on the same page about what the meeting is set to accomplish

slack post about meeting agenda with teammate feedback in thread

How to collect agenda items for a meeting:

  1. In any channel, post a list of proposed meeting agenda items before your meeting, and if possible, use a @mention to notify invitees.
    slack post about meetings agenda
  2. Ask for additions and clarifications in a thread.
    slack message covering agenda for meeting with teammate feedback

Keep track of notes during and after meetings as well

You can also try dedicated apps or documents for your agendas. MeetNotes is a service to collect agenda items directly in Slack while Dropbox Paper or Google Docs can be used to collect agenda items in new documents shared in channel messages.
slack post about agenda for upcoming meeting

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