Get Google Analytics reports in Slack

What’s it handy for?

Every team within a company can benefit from analytics and performance reports. This information can be vital to improving your website and products, figuring out what connects with customers, and what are areas for improvement.

Use Google Analytics reports to:

  • Get regular weekly summary reports to know how your company is doing
  • Figure out what works and what could use improvement
  • Track the success of new content and features

Before you get started

To set up your Google Analytics Slack integration, configure your account in Arc or Statsbot to connect to your Google Analytics account, and install the Arc or Statsbot apps to your Slack workspace.

How to get Google Analytics reports in Slack

  1. Determine which channels you’d like to reports posted in.
  2. Configure the duration (daily, weekly, monthly) for reports.
  3. View reports in channel and use threads to discuss results and collaborate on any possible improvements.

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