Share user research findings and insights with stakeholders

What’s it handy for?

User insights are key to continually improving your product and addressing customer needs. It’s important that the team collecting user insights has a clear way to distill and share findings with all the other sectors of a company, so your product can be the best it can be.

Sharing user research reports and insights to:

  • Communicate key findings from user testing
  • Summarize hours/days/weeks/months of feedback into short, actionable video clips

Before you get started

To share user research findings, add the UserTesting Slack app and configure it for your Slack workspace.

How to share user insights with stakeholders

  1. Identify key videos or clips in your UserTesting account
  2. Use the Share via Slack button to send a video to Slack
    Share a use testing video clip to Slack
  3. Pick a channel to post it and provide some context for the video in a message
    From within pick a Slack channel to share the video clip to
  4. View the video and discuss the findings in Slack
    user testing example in slack

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