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Reach resolutions faster

Keep your customers happy with well-coordinated customer support in Slack

Slack is a collaboration hub where the right people and the right information come together in organized, searchable channels. Gather your support tools and team in one place and collaborate to reach the best resolutions possible.

A sample message on Slack. cs-marketing
Mark Grenier Great job with the new campaign! Several new customers said they love the instructional videos. More of those, please!
🎉 10 🙌 6
Sara Parker Thanks for the feedback, @mark! We’ll add more videos to the roadmap.

Stay connected and clued in

With the whole company on Slack, support teams can share valuable customer feedback and insights with the right people, and vice versa. Support teams that are up to date on the latest details will be better equipped to provide fast, great service.

A sample conversation where people discuss sales organized by account in Slack.
Leland Foster I received a question — do existing customers qualify for coupons?
Sam Barnes Yes, they do! You’ll just need to add the coupon for them in the back end.
Florence Garrett I’ll add this to the #faq-coupons!

Find answers to customers’ toughest questions

Tap into a collective knowledge base and reduce your time-to-resolution. Pipe in data from your favorite tools to create a shared, searchable archive of support activity. Increase visibility of how you solve issues to help your team work faster in the future.

Slack application showing a channel discussion.

Quickly spot and resolve customer issues

By integrating customer support tools and services, teams can manage the full issue lifecycle from Slack. See issues as they happen and resolve them quicker and more consistently through collaboration.

Integrate your tools for streamlined resolutions

In Slack, apps run in channels alongside your team. Monitor tickets, interface with your customers, and find the right solutions without leaving Slack.

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Put customer issues in the spotlight

Automatically post new support tickets in channels. Keep tabs on the status of tickets without leaving Slack.

Zendesk iOS Tickets APP New ticket from Randall: Ticket #86753
Password reset won’t send email
Hi. I’m trying to reset my password but haven’t received an email. I have double checked the address and it is correct. What do I do?
Nancy Halladay I can take this one! Based on the issues last week I may need to clear the reset queue.
Zendesk ServiceNow Freshdesk
Talk to your customers in Slack

Spend less time switching apps and reach your customers faster by responding to them in Slack.

Intercom APP New conversation from Mark Grenier
Mark Grenier (customer)
Hello I don’t know what is supposed to happen when I click “Find Contact” but nothing happens.
Cree Brown Hi, Mark! Happy to help you with that.
Intercom Drift Chatlio Olark
Monitor feedback from your customers

Track what users are saying in app store reviews. Respond to reviews or escalate feedback to the correct teams.

AppFollow: Review & Updates Monitor APP AcmeApp
Best app ever! Would be even better if we could upload our own photo.
Couldn’t log in. Two stars.
AppFollow Delighted SurveyMonkey Gainsight
Spot trends and check on chatter

Meet your customers where they are by monitoring your social media accounts. Discuss responses or funnel feedback to the right people.

AcmeCorp Twitter Mentions APP
@AcmeCorp Love your app! My kids use it every day while we wait for the school bus.
Rose Cahill Love it! How about this for a response: “Thanks! You make our wheels go round and round.”
Jeremy Stevens Sounds good!
Brand24 Hootsuite Mediatoolkit

Delighting customers starts with dedicated channels

Segmenting your team’s channels by function, group, platform, department and more will keep customer resolutions focused and on track. Here are some examples of useful organizing and naming conventions:

#triage-productxyz —
triaging tickets related to a specific product

#feedback-productxyz —
sharing and addressing customer feedback about a product

#cs-team-productxyz —
discussions between team members who support a particular product, feature or region

#cs-engineering —
a cross-functional channel for updates and sharing between support and other departments

Better support by the numbers

Make a measurable impact in the speed and precision of resolving customer issues with Slack.

  • 31%

    Average reduction in ticket resolution time

  • 8%

    More tickets routed correctly

  • 7%

    More tickets resolved correctly

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