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Episode Ten

Join us in the not‑so‑distant future as we explore strange new worlds and the evolution of society. Imagine a time where:

  • There are no bosses
  • Farmers are the new technorati
  • Clean water is the new oil
  • Your toddler can use an app to make playdates

Enter the twilight zone in Episode 10: Pack To The Future!

  1. Old MacDonald Had A Drone

    When you think of tech early adopters, you likely think of iPhone‑toting, Oculus Rift‑sporting Silicon Valley types. But it turns out, it’s farmers who are way ahead of the game.

  2. Holacracy: Death to middle management

    Everyone has boss stories: Great boss stories, horrible boss stories. Hardly anyone has “NO boss” stories. Until now. Welcome to Holacracy.

  3. Lonely toddler? There’s an app for that.

    In today’s apps, the “swipe” motion is all the rage, but what if that technology was applied to a different purpose: Playdates. Swipe right on snack‑sharing toddler, left on prone‑to-tantrums toddler.

  4. What a really good beach and Robert Kennedy Jr. have in common

    A successful criminal and civil rights lawyer makes a radical career change. Now he fights for clean water. Meet Mark Mattson, Waterkeeper.

  5. A Field Guide To Your Co‑Workers

    “Being able to recognize my co‑workers as ‘Hoverers’ and ‘Speakerphoners’ has not only improved my workplace relationships, it has also taught me a lot about myself. This is must listen for any office worker!”
    —Wilson Carstairs, Professional Podcast Blurb Writer