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Episode Eleven

You deserve a break. Seriously. Your iPhone screen has been cracked for months. Someone stole your artwork and is selling it on stuff all over the internet.

So take a nap.

Go for a nice walk.

And please… treat yourself to a beautiful handmade artisanal ice cube.

It’s Episode 11: Break Pack.

  1. Everyone I Know Has a Broken Phone Screen

    Reading this through spiderweb cracks of a shattered phone screen and swiping your thumb across glass that may, quite possibly, do your digit damage? You are not alone.

  2. How to Reclaim Stolen Art From The Internet

    One artist’s back‑of‑the‑napkin sketch, uploaded to the internet, took on a sadly all‑too‑familiar life of its own. This is the inspiring story of how she reclaimed her art, her career, and her love for both.

  3. Artisanal Ice Is An Actual Thing. No, Really.

    Meet Alex Gregg — entrepreneur, artist, purveyor of magnificent hand‑crafted ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes. Yes, hand‑crafted. Yes. We know.

  4. Mostly Horrible Advice For Dealing With Your Mid‑Afternoon Energy Slump

    It’s inevitable. After lunch, your energy falls off a cliff. We hit the streets to find out the top strategies for coping with the mid‑afternoon slump. (DISCLAIMER: Results not guaranteed.)

  5. Why You Should Nap At Work

    In which we travel to South Korea to uncover the productivity‑enhancing secret found in almost every office: nap rooms. In case you needed some documentary evidence to convince your office manager.

  6. Walk Your Way to Creative Bliss

    All the best writers claim — to anyone in earshot, particularly their publishers — that walking is not a distracting procrastination: On the contrary, it’s the antidote to writer’s block. Now researchers are marching in to back that up.