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Episode Twelve

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s lurking in the shadows… waiting to jump out and scare the beetlejuice out of you.

For this ghoulish occasion, we have assembled a terrifyingly good collection of stories. Tune in and:

  • Discover job descriptions that double as Halloween costumes
  • Learn to cope with those frightful, goosebump-inducing notifications
  • Hear the cryptic sounds emanating from the world’s creepiest Airbnb

Velcome to Episode Tvelve… Ze Scaredy Pack! BOOOO!

  1. Totally Appropriate Costume Ideas for the Halloween Jobseeker

    This Halloween you can either dress for the job you want, or dress up as the job you want. Because why be a plain old ninja when you can be a code ninja?

  2. An Insider’s Guide to Quitting Your Job & Traveling The World

    Who doesn’t fantasize about quitting their job, selling their earthly possessions, and gallivanting around the world? We talk to a South African couple who didn’t just dream the dream, they actually went out and lived it.

  3. Career Change, Aisle 12

    In which a personal crisis drives a successful TV director to a satisfying job as grocery store fruit stacker.

  4. A Horror Index For Notifications

    Ding! Buzz! Bleep!

    Notifications can elicit anything from a shrug of indifference to a full on sweaty, hivey outbreak. But fear not, this handy list helps you gauge the appropriate emotional response to common notifications.

  5. File Under: Silicon Valley Sleepover

    You know what they say: When in San Francisco… book a stay at the massive offices of a local tech start-up. Ok, fine, no one says that. Still! Welcome to Social Print Studio, the world’s weirdest Airbnb.