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Episode Thirteen

There are 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months in a year — Plenty of time for setting world records, writing critically-acclaimed debut novels, adjusting to Daylight Savings, and listening to podcasts.

Like this one: It’s time for Episode 13: Tick Tock Pack

  1. The Highly Effective Habits of Successful People … If They Were Alive Today

    Good old Benjamin Franklin, and many other dead luminaries, maintained strict daily routines. These included notable keys to success like eating breakfast and getting struck by lightning. Can you imagine what their routines would look if they were alive and well today? We do, in handy listicle form.

  2. What Is the Most Powerful Question in the History of Questions

    Becoming a neuroscientist is hard. Becoming a neuroscientist AND best-selling author? Practically impossible! Or so you’d think. This is the incredible story of what happened when Lisa Genova, author of acclaimed novel and Oscar-winning movie Still Alice, asked herself: “Why not me?”

  3. When Quitting Is The Best Option

    One of the greatest privileges afforded to you as an adult is the ability to quit anything you want, whenever you want, with minimal guilt. We talked to a few people about the moments that drove them to exercise that privilege.

  4. Jason Fried Helps A Family Learn How to Work Remotely

    Thanks to technology, many workplaces have evolved from cubicle kingdom to free-flowing open concept office. Some company founders and their employees are even questioning whether a physical office is necessary at all. Meet one family that bravely put this theory to the test.

  5. Wasting Time Adapting to Daylight Savings Time

    Is there anything worse than trying to figure out how to change the clock on your microwave or adjust the time on your car dashboard using those teeny, tiny buttons? Nope. There is not. Nothing. It’s literally the worst thing ever.

  6. The Fast And The Curious — A Tale of Athletics and Academia

    Molly Shaffer Van Houweling is a full-time law professor at Berkeley. She’s also a world-class racing cyclist trying to set a new world-record. Clearly, multitasking is one of her strong suits.