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Episode Fifteen

This episode is the gift that keeps on giving. We have stories for the somewhat ‘naughty’ and a veritable sleigh full of ‘nice’ stories guaranteed* to give you warm and fuzzy feelings no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

*N.B. Warm fuzzies not guaranteed. If you do experience warm and fuzzy sensations, please consult your doctor.

  1. Weird and Wonderful Holiday Office Parties

    It’s that time of the year: The annual staff holiday party. Every company does theirs differently, some companies do them really differently.

  2. Bonding in the Buff: What’s an American to do?

    In North America, a holiday retreat like this could very well wind up with some kind of lawsuit. But in Berlin, sweating things out with your coworkers is really no big thing.

  3. The Internet Has Completely Ruined the Joy of Giving

    The art of personalized gift-giving is obsolete. So this year, Santa will be emailing you a generic digital gift card. Fear not, we have a plan to rescue this age-old art form.

  4. This Sock Company Is The Most Portland Thing Ever

    Fact #1 - For a long time, Portland Airport had some of the ugliest carpet in the world.
    Fact #2 - There is a hot fashion trend in wacky sock patterns.
    Fact #3 - There is a Portland company capitalizing on Fact #1 and Fact #2.

  5. Slack’s Favorite Annual Holiday: Calloween

    Slack is a messaging app used by all kinds of teams to pull off all kinds of amazing stunts. Here at Slack, we sometimes use it to orchestrate a multi-country prank in honor of our beloved CTO Cal Henderson.

  6. The Whitney Houston Of Christmas Music

    Elizabeth Chan had a dream; an incredibly specific dream. She wanted to make a living doing just one thing: singing Christmas songs. So she did.

  7. The Actual Scientific Reason Behind the “Warm Fuzzies”

    We assemble a festive panel of experts to learn the actual root cause of those warm, fuzzy feelings we tend to get over the holiday season. Science!