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Episode Sixteen

To introduce this episode of the Slack Variety Pack, we invite you to join us in a merry little chorus sing-a-long. Altogether now:

Parents and Pinterest and holiday greetings,
Permanent shorts and celebrity meetings.
Podcast suggestions to make your ears sing,
These are a few of our favorite things!

With love from the team at Slack, it’s Episode Sixteen: Our Favorite Things Pack.

  1. Podcasting 101

    What better way to dive into a podcast about our favorite podcasts than with a guide to making your very own podcast sound like all the podcasts you love. Not to mention, podcasts.

  2. Our Favorite Podcasts

    We channel our inner Oprah to bring you a collection of our favorite podcasts, recommended by a few lovely members of the team at Slack.

    Happy listening!

  3. When The Weather Outside Is Frightful, The Person Who Wears Shorts To Work Is Delightful

    Who is the most thick-skinned person in your office? Probably the person who insists on wearing shorts to work all year round. You know the one.

  4. Will Hall: King Of Weird Pinterest Boards

    We’ve met quite the cast of characters over the last year, but none as devoted to inside jokes as Will Hall, chief curator of “Pony Fight”: A random selection of bizarrely themed Pinterest boards.

  5. Parents Try Very Hard To Describe Their Kids Jobs

    Have you ever heard your parents try to explain what you do for a living? Perhaps you should. Because apparently, they don’t have a clue.

  6. ‘David After Dentist’ on David After ‘David After Dentist’

    Yes, that David! The David! Youtube David!