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Episode Seventeen

Much like a Greatest Hits compilation, this episode is an assembly of some of our most popular stories of the year, with a few new stories to prove that the band hasn’t broken up.

So if you’ve ever wondered where the word “podcast” came from, why Ashton Kutcher is the King of Silicon Valley, or wanted to hear grandchildren shame their grandparents through the power of an open letter, then this hit-stuffed podcast equivalent of a K-Tel record is just for you.

With love from the team at Slack, it’s Episode Seventeen: Our Favorite Things - Part II

  1. Stocking Stuffer: Glorious Podcast Recommendations from the Team at Slack

    If your 2016 resolutions include “listening to more podcasts”, do we have the thing for you! Our podcast-loving team have put together some of their favorite brain-tickling, ear-pleasing favorites to start your new year off right.

  2. What’s in a Name?

    Inventing brand new words: sounds complicated, befuddling, nigh impossible! Or is it really just a case of making things up? Here, we reveal the unexpected origin of the word “podcast”.

    Happy listening!

  3. An Open Letter To Grandparents

    Preparing to have the conversation with your grandparents this holiday? The tech conversation? You might want to take a cue from these kids first.

  4. Six Degrees Of Ashton Kutcher in Silicon Valley

    Ashton Kutcher is SO the Kevin Bacon of tech. Don’t believe us? Play along as we connect celebrity tech investors to Ashton in six moves or less.

  5. Making Banana Horse Butts: Lessons in Creativity

    New York Times illustrator Christoph Niemann explains the necessity of enduring creative pain to achieve creative genius. Now our brains hurt, but in a good way.

  6. ‘Pasta La Vista Baby’ and 18 Other Food Truck Puns

    If nothing else, the internet has increased society’s appetite for high concept meals on wheels, and word play. In these realms the internet becomes hungry. Hungry like the wolf (also a great name for a carrion-based food truck).