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Episode Eighteen

It’s a new year! And with that comes endless possibilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Conquering work-related resolutions
  • Team-building on cliffs during lightning storms
  • Becoming the coolest person in your office by not upgrading your phone
  • Becoming the smartest person in your office by using your phone
  • Engaging in bovine-centric virtual role play

Is 2016 going to be the greatest year EVER or what?!

  1. Resolutions Get Real: A 2016 Trend Prediction from Rohit Bhargava

    Want to be more empathetic in 2016? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Better yet, put yourself in an animal’s hooves. Master trend forecaster Rohit Bhargava explains why virtual reality will take off in 2016.

  2. All Hail The New Resolution

    Most resolutions involve some mixture of consuming less and exercising more. These days, there’s a new kind of resolution on the block. We hit the streets to find out what people want to change about their work life in 2016.

  3. 2016: The Year Of The Team

    I’m going to travel more! I’m going to learn a new language! I’m going to get promoted!

    Most resolutions focus on individual progress; not a bad thing! But this year, it’s all for one and one for all.

  4. The Art of Predicting the Future

    Crystal balls, fortune tellers, and magic eight balls are SO yesterday. Today’s modern mystic is a human named Rohit Bhargava—a man with a proven method for spotting trends before they go mainstream.

  5. Your 2016 Fitness Resolution Is Focusing On The Wrong Muscles

    What if we told you the best form of exercise might be playing games on your phone? This new fitness regimen is a classic case of brain over brawn.

  6. Trendspotting: Everything Old is New Again

    For those of you stubbornly clinging to your smartphones of yore, Rohit Bhargava has some good news: Being behind may actually put you ahead in 2016.

  7. Extreme Team Building

    One might assume that dangling off the side of a mountain during a lightning storm is not the best way to bond your team. One would generally be right. Or WOULD one?

  8. Rohit Bhargava Sees a Bright Future for All

    We close out the Resolution Pack with a final prediction from trend oracle Rohit Bhargava who predicts that the future for silver-haired citizens is golden.