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Episode Nineteen

For your dubious pleasure, we assemble a ragtag crew of outliers, rabble rousers, and even a “demon extractor” in search of the swiftest way to expel toxicity from work and life. They share with us the secrets to facing conflict, wowing at job interviews and soothing ailing auras. Be ready to cast out your demons: it’s the most cleansing episode yet — Episode Nineteen: Oust Pack!

  1. Firing with a Conscience

    The office Albatross, the millstone around the neck of progress, the person whose very presence is the elephant in the room. But, despite this, letting them go just feels inhumane. This is the story of Cameron Herold, former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, and the day he finally learned how to let go.

  2. The Writing on the Wall (Hint: It Says “Exit”)

    Side-eye stares and low whispers giving you the inkling you’re on your way out? Act quickly, and you can use this comprehensive guide to leave your job with your head held high (just be sure not to smack your nose on the door on your way out, it will NOT serve your purpose).

  3. Nice Girls Don’t Win Races

    Ever since she was ten years old, Julia Landauer’s been lapping the boys at their own games. Today, she’s a champion NASCAR driver and, if that weren’t enough, she also recently earned a science degree from Stanford University. To get here, she had to break all the rules.

  4. Totally Random Interview Questions

    Job interviews are tough. Your palms get all clammy, your stomach is tied up in twists and knots, and that’s exactly the moment your interviewer decides to throw out a question completely out of left field! We hit the streets to find out the strangest questions you’ve been asked at a job interview.

  5. I’ll Take ‘Impossible Interview Questions’ for 500, Alex

    How many quarters does it take to reach the top of the Empire State Building? What’s 54 times 17? Why are companies like Google and JetBlue asking these questions in job interviews? What does this have to do with the job you’re applying for? And for the love of Pete, how do you answer them???

  6. Exorcist Next Door

    Most writers moonlight as bartenders or restaurant waitstaff to bring in an extra buck or two. Not Rachel Stavis. Rachel’s a full-time writer with a part-time job in, of all things, “entity extraction”. Here, she shares how fulfilling it can be to do away with judgments and embrace your (supernatural) gifts.