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We're making a brand new podcast! Here it is!

Episode One

In the debut episode of the Slack Variety Pack, we reach for the stars, work out a way of adapting emoji for audio use and delve inside a computer capable of both changing the world and blowing your mind (at the same time).

  1. Audio Emoji

    There is no way to dictate an emoji into Siri or OK Google because emojis don’t have sounds… until now.

  2. Quantum Computing Explained

    Go inside a new $10 million quantum computer and find out how it might just change the world as we know it.

  3. Open Letter to Grandparents

    Grandchildren of the world unite to send a powerful message about technology to their grandparents.

  4. Office Re‑Creation

    Hear the true story of a real‑life, over‑the‑top office fist‑fight.

  5. Mars Meditation

    Meet a school teacher willing to give up everything for a chance at a one‑way trip to Mars.

  6. BJ Novak

    Drop into a hockey game with author and Office star BJ Novak to find out how to push through a tough challenge at work.

  7. Start‑Up Club — LingoFake vs. RoboSmooch

    Two entrepreneurs pitch ridiculous start‑up ideas for your consideration.