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Episode Twenty

Don those thinking caps, in this episode we’re reevaluating old work habits, from that pesky alarm clock serenading your eardrums in the early mornings, to finding new ways to deal with those petty inter-office spats, to rejiggering the very idea of the full-time gig.

Be prepared to sport your best IRL thinking face emoji — it’s Episode Twenty: Rethink Pack!

  1. A Case For Flexible Start Times

    Unlike your alarm clock, your brain houses no snooze button, making 9am start times the equivalent of a medieval torture device for the masses. We enlist the help of Oxford University neuroscientist Dr. Paul Kelley to provide evidence in favor of flexible start times. Gavel, please.

  2. An Unconventional Guide to Getting Along at Work

    Your job isn’t alway sunshine, rainbows and lollipops (unless you’re Willy Wonka, in which case, please get in touch). But it’s especially challenging if you’re not on the same page (or planet) as one of your co-workers. So, we took a poll: How do you resolve office clashes?

  3. Mic Check: Solving Office Discord with Dispute Karaoke

    Working things out doesn’t have to involve all that chit-chat. Instead, you can discover deeper truths (and deeper grooves) by singing your way out of strife.

  4. Musicians on (Startup) Tour

    Soon, legions of musicians will descend into Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW), hungry to remove “starving” from their “starving artist” résumé. We hear from a few creative cats who found a new way to crack the business and keep on keeping on.

  5. Restoring Office Harmony with Aikido

    There’s an art to maintaining Kumbaya-level accord in the workplace, and there’s a Japanese martial art that can help you achieve it. (Disclaimer: No coworkers were harmed in the making of this segment.)

  6. We Play Work ‘Would You Rather’

    Would you rather be without elbows or knees? Would you rather change the past, or see the future? Would you rather have one full-time job OR a slew of freelance gigs? We hear from a man in the process of shedding his full-time security blanket and a woman who’s mastered the side-hustle juggle.