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Episode Twenty Three

A simple introduction can go a long way: It can transform mere coworkers into close friends, convert co-working spaces into communities, lead you to brilliant people who help you see the truth about yourself, and even teach grade school kids the ways of the world.

Greetings friends, allow us to introduce you to Episode 23 — Meet Pack!

  1. How to Get to Know EVERYONE at Work

    Danny Groner refused to be a nameless face in the crowd, so he embarked on an epic journey to get to know every single person at his fast-growing company. Now he wants you to pay it forward.

  2. Making Business Child’s Play

    In which we visit a grade school in Texas where students are taught to become budding entrepreneurs. Move over lemonade stand, this is serious business.

  3. Designing A Life You Love

    Award-winning product designer Ayse Birsel doesn’t just design furniture, she uses those principles to help you construct the life you’ve always imagined.

  4. To Co-Work or Not to Co-Work?

    Co-working spaces: A breeding ground for creative productivity, or a distracting muddle of incongruous working styles? It’s the eternal question plaguing freelancers, contractors and startup venturers everywhere — so we brought together two entrepreneurs (and a clutch of experts) to debate the pros and cons.