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Episode Twenty Four

It’s the little things that count: A comma that turns a sentence into pure poetry, a chaise so relaxing it eases your mind into a state of genius, a simple math formula that diagnoses diseases, or some simple words of encouragement to uplift you right when you need it most.

We’re getting to know some people who use a bevy of tiny details to do really great things in Episode 24 — The Little Things Pack!

  1. Crisis Text Line

    A new form of crisis intervention is gaining traction and all you need to access it is a tap of a finger. Using text messages to connect people with a team of volunteer counselors, Crisis Text Line can then use anonymized data to make the service smarter every day — and thereby more responsive to more people in crisis.

  2. Lounging Your Way to Success

    Meet the people of Wantoo — a startup that eschews desks in favor of ottomans and sofas, all in the name of conversation. It may sound like a new way to work, but it turns out people have been doing this since the toga-wearing, wine-swilling days of the ancient greeks. And it’s working!

  3. Tips on Writing Well from the Comma Queen

    Longtime New Yorker copy editor and bestselling author Mary Norris schools us (gently) on writing well. She also explains why this skill still reigns supreme over automated spell-check, which is a sobering thought given how terrible some of us around here are at grammar. face palm emoji

  4. Problem Solving with Machine Learning

    Kaggle is an online platform that gathers a community of number crunchers, analytics soothsayers and data wizards (of the technical kind, there’s no actual wizardry involved, we don’t think). Together they build machine learning algorithms that can do anything from grading high school papers to diagnosing eye diseases.