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Episode Twenty Five

We talk to some very smart people about breaking bad habits, working out our multitasking muscles, and even learn how to navigate business travel without breaking the bank. It’s Episode 25 — Booster Pack!

  1. Better Habits, Better Work Life

    Breaking up with bad habits is hard to do. Author and speaker Gretchen Rubin has been there, done that, and has some excellent advice on how you can do it too.

  2. On Mastering Multitasking

    What is multitasking exactly? And how on earth do you get good at it? Can you get good at it? We have so many questions, and neuroscientist Kelly Garner has answers.

  3. Business Travel Hacks

    You know those people that always seem to know how to get impossibly good deals on airfares and upgrades? LoungeBuddy co-founder Tyler Dikman is one of those people. And he has the tips to prove it.