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Episode Twenty Six

In this episode we meet some people who not only know, but live the old adage: “The show must go on”. A circus family who continue their high-wire family tradition despite a terrifying tightrope tragedy, a handful of chefs who fuel rockstars on the road, a woman taking charge of heart disease with the help of an app, and a few wise children who school us on surviving group work.

Pluck up your courage and forge ahead, it’s Episode 26 — Resilience Pack.

  1. Life on the wire with The Flying Wallendas

    Breaking up with bad habits is hard to do. Author and speaker Gretchen Rubin has been there, done that, and has some excellent advice on how you can do it too.

  2. Prescription Social Media

    Curatio is an app that matches people coping with the same health challenges around the world. Kind of like a (non-creepy) Tinder for wellness. Together users are more informed, better supported and more motivated to achieve their health goals.

  3. Chefs on tour

    Chef Chuck White and Anne Churchill cook for rock stars and pop sensations on tour. Their food is the glue that keeps the band and crew grounded. We join them on the road in their roadside kitchen stocked full of surprises.

  4. How to survive group work: A practical guide

    Newcomers to teamwork — kids taking on their first group projects — give their advice on surviving the sometimes awkward, often acrimonious, give and take of teamwork. We have so much to learn.