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Episode Two

In the second episode of the Slack Variety Pack, we examine the origin and secret sauce of the most popular podcasts, talk to Tina Roth Eisenberg about finding creative solutions for tough problems, and meet the man who quit his job to make a living taking pictures of waves.

  1. How the Podcast Became

    How do you invent a brand new word? Intensive etymological research, dark magic, or the pressure of a deadline? This is the true story of how the word “Podcast” stumbled into being.

  2. Podcasting 101

    Have you ever wondered how to make your podcast sound more like all your favorite podcasts — the really, really good ones that we all love? This is our audio cheat sheet and homage to some of our favorite podcasts.

  3. The Wave King

    Meet Clark Little, a man who quit his job of 17 years to take photos inside waves. Today, he has 1.4 million Instagram followers, had his photos exhibited in the Smithsonian, and has never looked back.

  4. Water Cooler Confessions — The Bathroom Break

    The true story of one office worker who creates a ridiculously elaborate ruse just so he can play an hour of games in the bathroom every day. Seriously.

  5. The Visual Microphone

    Traditional microphones capture sound waves as they hit a diaphragm and cause it to vibrate. Scientist Abe Davis realized that sounds waves hit all sorts of other objects, too. So he invented a way to capture sound from virtually any object, from a potted plant to a bag of chips.

  6. The Coffee Shop Workforce

    Coffee shops are full of people hard at work and we have some burning questions. What are they working on? Why are they choosing to do it in a coffee shop? And what would happen if a business decided to transform their dull, corporate cubicles into an atmosphere more reminiscent of a bustling, artsy coffee shop.

  7. Tina Roth Eisenberg on Problem Solving

    The inventor of Creative Mornings, the TeuxDeux minimalist calendar app, the Swissmiss design blog, Studiomates co‑working space and Tattly temporary tattoos shares her secret for turning tough problems on their heads to find creative solutions.