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Episode Three

It’s Episode 3, the Sensory Overload Pack. Discover the smelliest foods to microwave in the office, the instinctive reactions we have to notification noises, and how the very essence of our being—DNA—might revolutionize data storage. Sounds! Sights! Smells! And as a bonus: Shorts.

  1. The Rallying Cry of the Office Short‑Wearers

    Who is the most thick‑skinned person in your office? Look for the man in shorts. He doesn’t care what you think because he prioritizes comfort over fashion style. Also, he literally has thick enough skin to tolerate wearing shorts in frigid temperatures.

  2. Why OK Go Is Releasing Their Album On DNA

    It’s not every day that you find a story that combines the band OK Go, DNA, and being able to store all of human knowledge in the palm of your hand. It’s not every day you even think about all those things. Today is that day.

  3. Every Tech Conference, Tweet‑up, and Networking Event in One

    See ya later, SXSW. Toodle‑oo, TED. This is the greatest festival conference in the world ever.

  4. The 6,000‑Year History Of Vacations

    You can feel it. That little burst of energy and excitement. Summer is almost here. And with it… summer vacations. It’s baked into our culture. We take it for granted, but can you imagine a time without time off? Discover the history of how vacations came to exist.

  5. The Worst Foods To Microwave

    It’s ground zero for conflict and tension in the office: the office kitchen. There are culinary crimes being committed daily, arguably the worst among them? The inconsiderate colleague who microwaves foods that leave a thick and heavy stench hanging over your cubicle for hours. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

  6. Our Aural Tribute to Anxiety-Inducing Notification Sounds

    Ding! Bloop! Gonk! There’s seemingly no end to the stream of sounds coming from all of our devices, all the time, demanding our attention, worming their way into our brains. Find out how we feel about notification noises, and then sit back and enjoy our soothing audio relief potion.