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Episode Four

Episode 4: An homage to those with the dedication to turn their cubicles into overflowing Hello Kitty shrines. An outpouring of emotion for outdated cords and cables. And black holes popping in and out of existence inside your knuckles. Welcome to Episode 4: Burst Pack.

  1. Hallelujah! Reinventing the Choir! Choir! Choir!

    Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman turned a hobby into a phenomenon and are changing lives by reinventing the choir.

  2. A Loving Tribute to that Useless Box of Cords in Your Home

    Those over-complicated TV cords; the charger for your old Blackberry; that first generation Firewire cable. All potent symbols of technology past. All still being stored in a box somewhere in your home.

  3. The Science of Knuckle Cracking Explained

    Everyone knows a knuckle-cracker. Popping, clicking, and cracking wherever they go. Did you know that the cause for these pops has been a heated scientific debate for decades? Or it was: Until the Sherlock Holmes of joints ‘cracked’ the case.

  4. This is Your Brain After 24 Hours on Facebook

    The average person currently spends 42 minutes a day on Facebook, a number that increases every year. We wanted to know what this trend means for our future. So we spent 24 hours STRAIGHT scrolling, liking, sharing, posting, poking and updating.

  5. How to Have an Awkward Office Call

    A short and instructive guide on how to manage personal calls in the office.

  6. The Unfortunate History of the Cubicle

    Robert Probst had a dream. A dream to revolutionize the office, empower workers, and change lives. Arguably, he ended up doing the EXACT opposite.

  7. Why You Should Be More Like That Co-Worker With 32 Action Figures On Her Desk

    You know that guy with the diorama of Tatooine on his desk? Or the woman who has turned her cubicle into a shrine for Dolly Parton? They might just be onto something.