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Episode Seven

It’s summertime and the living is easy. So take as much vacation as you want, spend hours perusing the world’s weirdest Pinterest boards, become a Twitter celebrity, and PLEASE update that tired email signature from 2007. Or at least do all those things vicariously, through the power of podcasting.

Welcome to Episode 7 - The Laid Back.

  1. Introducing Will Hall, The King Of Weird Pinterest Boards

    Pinterest features a cornucopia of collections awash with rustic weddings and the latest in hipster fashion. But, thanks to Will Hall, you can ALSO enjoy child bodybuilders, spelling bee losers, and hair weaves discarded on sidewalks (you know, if you’re into that kind of thing).

  2. Six Degrees Of Ashton Kutcher in Silicon Valley

    In Hollywood, almost anyone can be connected to Kevin Bacon in just six moves. In Silicon Valley, Ashton Kutcher claims that fame. Play along with us as we connect celebrity tech investors to Ashton in six moves or less.

  3. This Is What It’s Like To Be Twitter-Famous

    He has hundreds of thousands of followers on all sorts of social media channels. He’s not a rapper, he’s not an actor, and he’s not a Kardashian. He is simply ingenious at social media. Meet Anil Dash, the poster child for ‘internet fame’.

  4. The Evolution of Email Signatures

    Much like primordial slime eventually grew legs and turned into a frog, email signatures have evolved significantly over the years. Join us on an epic journey through time as we look back at the trends that dominated that little bit of text signing off your emails.

  5. The Ultimate Job Perk: Unlimited Vacation

    Work wherever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Oh, and take as much vacation as you want, too. Welcome to the future of work.

  6. How To “Use Your Phone” At Work

    No one talks about it. No one feels comfortable doing it. But EVERYONE has to do it. Behold! The definitive guide to “Using Your Phone”* at work, guilt free.

    *NB: this may or may not actually be about using your phone.