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Episode Eight

You will not believe our productivity in Episode 8: Action Pack. We are seriously getting things done. A short checklist:

  • All those pesky HR problems? Solved.
  • Configure a bot to run meetings and order lunch? Done.
  • Change the internal workings of Hollywood? Check.

How did we do all this? We got a little help from some guy named David Allen…

  1. Kids Solve Everyday Workplace Problems

    Resolving HR disputes can require some outside-the-box thinking, and nobody thinks more outside the box than a group of kids who have never stepped foot inside an office. You may want to take notes.

  2. 10 Things Your Smartwatch Doesn’t Measure Yet

    Today’s smartwatches track vital biometrics, tomorrow’s will measure just about everything else – from how many dogs you petted to how much time you’ve spent with your hand stuck inside a pickle jar.

  3. How The Bot Revolution Will Make Your Lunch Work Easier

    Unlike the sinister robots depicted in movies, most bots just want to chat. Bot builder Ben Brown explains how bots will make everything in your work life, from meetings to lunch, easier.

  4. Author David Allen’s Still ‘Getting Things Done’

    13 years after David Allen published Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, he takes us through the GTD lifestyle, where we learn to focus despite the constant distraction of social media, smartphones, and the internet.

  5. Why The Black List Is a Hotbed for Finding Oscar Winners

    Franklin Leonard was doing a bad job finding good screenplays, until he asked his pals to compile a list of the best unproduced scripts. Find out how The Black List helped Slumdog Millionaire, The King’s Speech, Argo and other notable movies get made.

  6. If Real Stores Acted Like Web Stores

    Online shopping is the greatest. It’s fast, convenient, and devoid of human interaction. But what would happen if physical stores started operating like their virtual counterparts? You may never shop again.